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Harnessing over 40 years of bookkeeping experience
for your small business.

About Us

Does your small business need an Extreme Business Makeover: Bookkeeping Edition? Have you ever been turned away by a CPA because your books were too messy for them to do your taxes or ended up paying way more than you thought you should? One of our specialties is cleaning up the books for small businesses after they’ve gotten out of control. If you have your receipts and records, we can probably help you. If you don’t, we can help keep it from ever happening again. We can come to your office or work remotely from ours.

Our goal is to maximize profits, minimize taxes, and manage cash flow for your small business. We want to simplify the bookkeeping process and help our clients to understand enough about their business’ finances that they only need a CPA twice a year, at the beginning for tax planning and at the end for tax preparation. We do this by working in concert with highly qualified CPAs as the day to day bookkeeper for small businesses. We provide translations from CPA-ese to plain English and teach small business owners the “lingo” bankers, accountants, and the government use.

Most CPAs don’t want to do “write-up” (or day to day) bookkeeping. CPAs usually charge their normal hourly rates for this service, which can be up to 3 to 4 times what an experienced Certified Professional Bookkeeper costs. We can provide the same bookkeeping services at a fraction of the cost. And, because we work in harmony with your CPA, you know it’s going to be done right.

With an experienced bookkeeper and an army of support services available through our business associates, we look forward to helping you to spend your time working on growing your business instead of working in the office on your books.